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“At Ats I not only gained an appreciation for law, but I gained a family who were dedicated to seeing me succeed, not only while I was a student of the school but even long after I left. I was very pleased with the tools and knowledge I received at ATS and the commitment of the staff. This propelled me to being the improved and more accomplished person I am today.” Adrian

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“My experience as a student at ATS was a wonderful one. The administrative staff were pleasant and provided assistance whenever needed. My lecturers were very motivational, knowledgeable and approachable. They were prepared to go beyond the call of duty to ensure my success.” Ria Jawahir (LLB Graduate).


” I chose to study at ATS because of its reputation for excellence in legal studies. Having completed my Bachelor of Laws with Honours I can confirm the superior quality of education offered at ATS and the dedication of the administrative staff. I would also like to make special mention of the principal of the institution Mrs. Wendy Ali who is very approachable, always willing to assist and has a natural ability for mentoring students.” Tishara Armstrong. (LLB Graduate)


“At ATS you’re treated like family placed in a setting to grow as an individual and achieve academic success. This is supplemented by the excellent administrative staff and knowledgeable lectures who all contributed to my overall success and development as an individual.” Nicholas Ali

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“At ATS I was given the necessary support and instruction to be able to not only pass the UOL LLB examinations, but also appreciate and respect the demands of the legal profession.” Darryl Linoel Douglas LLB.

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Why I chose to study at The Academy of Tertiary Studies.
“Studying at the Academy of Tertiary Studies exposed me to a professional yet friendly learning environment with dedicated teachers whose academic instruction greatly assisted me in meeting the challenge of studying law. They offered a wide range of learning resources such as classroom based teaching, online audio lectures, online access to the latest academic materials, flexible study and support. Studying at ATS allowed me opportunity to obtain a prestigious, internationally recognized LL.B degree giving me exciting career options and also a solid foundation for post-graduate study. ” Verson Elton Jeanville 2012-2015.