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The Certificate in Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE Common Law) from the University of London (UoL) is of international standing. Students can secure a widely recognized qualification in the core legal subjects without committing to the full LLB Degree, but with option to go on to the 2nd year of the LLB Degree programme as it is a direct entry route to the LLB Degree!

The CertHE Common Law is examined to the same standard as the first year of the LLB. Students on the CertHE Common Law will be allowed to register for a minimum of two modules (sixty credits) in the initial academic year and a maximum of four modules (120 credits) per academic year. The subject called Legal Systems & Methods is compulsory for the first year of study. Students who complete the CertHE Common Law (120 credits) will be awarded the CertHE Common Law Certificate and will be able to transfer to year 2 of the Standard Entry LLB. Students who pass 90 credits will also be allowed to transfer the Standard Entry LLB but they will not subsequently be awarded the CertHE Common Law upon achieving 120 credits.

The Core subjects examined on are:

  • Criminal Law                                                                                    30 Credits
  • Public Law                                                                                       30 Credits
  • Legal Systems and Methods (L.S.M)                                                    30 Credits
  • Contract Law                                                                                    30 Credits


Must be 18 years and over at the commencement of the programme.



Note: Fees quoted in the table below are estimations based on the academic year 2022-2022 and are subject to change.

Registration (ATS) TT$1,300 Upon Registration inclusive of library & computer lab usage fees (non-refundable)
Tuition TT$12,000.00


For all 4 Subjects

For 1 Subject

*UOL Registration Fee £578.00 On or before 1st MAY 2023
UOL Examination Fee

UOL Module Fee

£219.00 per subject

£180.00 per subject

On or before SEPTEMBER 2023.

On or before 1st MAY 2023

Fees quoted and dates payable stated in the above table are estimations and are subject to change.

*Please make the draft for the respective foreign fees payable to the University of London.


  • Two (2) passport-size photos.
  • One (1) copy of the Electronic Birth Certificate and either current National ID or current Passport. A copy of your deed poll is required in the case of a name change.
  • Marriage Certificate where applicable
  • One (1) Copy of Academic Certificates


International Students following the University’s programme include individuals:

  • who are magistrates’ court clerks, police officers, legal executives, social workers etc., seeking further knowledge of the law and enhancement of their qualifications
  • who have an academic interest in the nature and function of the law in society and who may wish to go on to pursue a higher degree
  • who simply want to know more about how the law works and to enhance their knowledge of the law


The University of London is one of the oldest universities in the United Kingdom and is recognized as a centre of academic excellence. The University has a thriving International Programmes that was established in 1858 to make University of London degrees more accessible to ‘students of University of London International Programmes’ the world over.

On successful completion of your studies you will be awarded a University of London degree or diploma. The certificate you receive will state that you were registered with the University of London and that examinations were conducted by the University of London Law Schools.’

The academic rigor exercised by the University of London ensures that its qualifications are respected and sought after both locally and internationally.


  • Highly qualified, committed lecturers who come with a wealth of teaching experience.
  • Efficient, helpful and friendly administrative staff.
  • Assistance with all external procedures at no extra cost.
  • Customised, study-conducive, ideally located campus.
  • Modern computer labs with free WiFi
  • Extensive Library.

And much more…………..