Message From Cintra Phillip

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Academy of Tertiary Studies (ATS)! I look forward to introducing you to our school and to showing you why you should choose ATS to assist you in achieving your academic and personal goals in the field of law.

As a student centered Institution, it is our aim to enrich your learning experience both in and out of the classroom. Our knowledgeable faculty members and friendly administrative staff strive to create a welcoming and nurturing environment which will provide you with a sense of belonging and foster professional growth.

At ATS, we recognize the value of a good and sound education and the holistic development of the individual. We train our students to think analytically, carefully, and thoughtfully. We also pay attention to skills training in the relevant activities that legal professionals engage in every day of their life. The training you will receive as an ATS student is second to none as evidenced by ATS’s ability to produce world class graduates. ATS graduates are a cadre of persons that are marketable and productive, private and public employers alike will be happy to have you join their Institutions.

Gaining knowledge must be accompanied by positive growth of the person especially in our country which depends on its human capital as its most important resource.
ATS, through education, employment opportunities and professionalism has and continues to make a positive impact on the legal and business environment of the society of Trinidad and Tobago.

Come visit us and let us demonstrate to you why our students and faculty are excited to be here and why our alumni are proud of the education they received here. Meet our warm administrative staff, view our facilities and become a part of the ATS family.

As you embark on your journey of learning and self discovery, I encourage you to be fearless, determined and open-minded. Remember that ATS is there to support you and ensure your success as you remain committed to the course of study that you have chosen.


Cintra Phillip