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1. Students are required to pay a NON REFUNDABLE/NON TRANSFERRABLE registration fee on the date of registration with ATS.
2. There will be NO REFUND of tuition fees after the date classes commence for the academic year.
3. A rebate must be requested at least TWO (2) WEEKS PRIOR to the commencement of classes, subject to the following conditions:
a) If the rebate is granted, a processing fee of TT $500.00 would be withheld by ATS.
b) Rebates will be given a MINIMUM OF ONE WEEK from the date of request.
4. Once the student attends at least six (6) weeks of classes from the commencement date of programme, the total tuition fee for the programme is payable by the student.
If student attends less than six (6) weeks of classes from the commencement date of programme, then twenty percent (20%) of total tuition fee of programme is payable by the student.
5. Students who give false information and/or false statements on this registration form and who do not pay fees due to ATS on time as agreed, may be subject to Legal action.
6.Students who have applied for GATE funding and are subsequently denied such funding will become responsible for paying the tuition fees and will also have to pay a penalty fee of $700.
7. Students who do not honour the payment plan provided will be required to pay a 20% interest charge on the total amount of tuition fee outstanding and due to ATS. Additionally, students whose accounts are in arrears, will not be allowed to attend classes until all such amounts have been paid.
8. If the student is under 18 years this agreement must be signed by the parent, guardian or other responsible person over the age of 18. In signing below the parent, guardian or other responsible person approves all the student’s obligations stated herein and constitutes a guarantee of the student’s obligations.
9. All students upon registration must have an email address for administrative purposes. ATS disclaims all responsibility for students who receive both foreign and local administrative notices late due to students not having a functioning email address.

If you have been a previous GATE applicant, you must submit formal evidence of the completion of any programme to ATS. If you did not complete the previous programme, this must be communicated to ATS immediately.